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Gagastudio / Gigasampler Samples

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VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe
VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe [GIGA Format] VIENNA FRENCH OBOE The French Oboe is the first instrument featured by the Vienna Symphonic Library whose roots are not to be found in the Viennese orchestras.
VSL Horizon Series - Glass and Stones
A must-have for every composer and sound designer! This unique collection contains 4.5 GB of previously undiscovered sounds from rare, fragile instruments like a glass harmonica, verrophone, and musical glasses.
VSL Horizon Series - Opus I [4 DVD]
OPUS 1 - Symphonic Orchestra * This introduction to the world of professional orchestral sounds is the opposite of a \"light\" version - it is the largest, broadest collection in the entire Horizon Series.
VSL Horizon Series - Overdrive
DVD. OVERDRIVE - Performance Distortion Guitar Imagine a brilliant guitarist playing absolutely fluid legato solos and awesome power chord grooves on a world-class guitar: You can hear it from various...
Westgate Studios Modular Series - Oboes
Westgate Studios Modular Series - Oboes [GS3 format] As part of their all-new Modular Series, Westgate Studios is proud to announce the release of The Oboes Module. This library for Gigastudio 3.1 and Kontakt 2.
White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano
SampleTekks White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano "The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!" - Paul Linford; film composer.
Worra's Prophet
Xsample Vol.12 - Woodwinds II
Xsample Vol.12 Clarinet - Bassethorn - Bassclarinet Clarinet B flat: Standard (3 velocity splits), staccato (3 velocity splits), flatter tongue (2 velocity splits), special fx. Bassetthorn: Standard (3 velocity splits).
Xsample Vol.13 - Flute, Piccolo, Bottles Flute
Xsample Vol.13 Flute - Piccolo - Bottles Flute: Standard sustained, vibrato, (3 velocity splits), staccato (3 velocity splits), flutter tongue, air fx, special fx. Piccolo: Standard sustained, vibrato.
Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-80
Prominy Sound Library Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-80 The true sound of a Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-80 recorded as 96kHz/24bit samples. Featuring: 1. Recorded at 24bit ultra high resolution, Up...
Yamaha Grand Piano (Gigapiano)
The GigaPiano is the worlds first gigabyte-sized instrument designed specifically for the Nemesys GigaSampler and ships for free with the GigaSampler Full Edition. Featuring a Yamaha Concert Series Grand with real ivory keys.

Gagastudio / Gigasampler GIG format samples.