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Halion Strings Edition [9 Cd]

$55.00 $25.95
HALion Strings Edition [9 CD]

9 CDs. Orchestra highlights Four sections : 8 Double Basses, 10 Cellos, 12 Violas, 16 Violins Articulations: legato, tremolo, whole tone trills, semitone trills, spiccato, pizzicato (loose/tight) Professional players, selected vintage instruments up to 9 velocity layers from pp to ff per section realtime (de)crescendo control, up/down bowing control, true string release action, portamento All articulations cover entire instrument range.

Key FeaturesComplete String Orchestra (Double Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violins) Covers all common articulations such as legato, tremolo, pizzicato or spiccato Suits all musical styles from classical to contemporary Warm and defined sound character, true 24 bit playback, perfectly balanced bow noise Sections can be combined for a multitude of orchestra setups Section size can be doubled by layering A and B sections Unrivalled expressiveness, full dynamic range, up and down bows Natural yet unobtrusive concert hall ambience, true key release action HALion programs included for creative use in HALion software sampler 5 GB of the finest material on 8 CDs Who is this orchestra made for? The HALion String Edition has been developed for the demands of the majority of people using String Orchestra instruments in a computer. A typical user of the HALion String Edition could be ... a studio arranger creating a string track for a pop ballad a composer orchestrating his idea while writing the score a home recordist brushing up demo tracks originally created on a General MIDI player a keyboardist playing strings live on stage in a hip hop band a film composer mocking up a layout to later be performed or recorded by a real orchestra. Many people told us that the currently available string libraries leave a gap between two extremes: String Orchestra sounds in workstations or on CD-ROMs for hardware samplers. These usually have been designed with the keyboard player in mind: for chord playing (instead of arranging separate sections), lacking authenticity, articulation flexibility, playing and controlling options. While they produce convincing sound colors in background pads or slow melody lines, even the unskilled ear can distiguish them from a real orchestra. Huge String Orchestra libraries created with the professional composer and arranger in mind. While these usually offer all playing styles and creative options imaginable, they are almost unusable for usual musicians and require a healthy knowledge about string orchestra arranging and conducting. And ... they usually cost a fortune. Most people, however, are looking for a String Orchestra combining the advantages of both extremes: Superior sound quality, a large range of articulations, yet easy to play and control - and at an affordable price. Our goal was to create exactly this library that fills the gap between these extremes. HALion String Edition was developed with the following targets in mind: creating the library that has exactly what the majority wants making most popular compromise between flexibility/options on one hand and usability/overview on the other. making no compromise in terms of sound quality, authenticity, playing and controlling options.

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