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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]
$107.50 $59.95

SF2 (Soundfont) Samples

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Club Kicks & Basses & Leads
VIP Zone Club Kicks & Club Basses All you need for makin' CLUB music 100 CLUB BASSES (SF2 format) + 650 CLUB-KICKS (WAV) + CLUB HATS / CLAPS / CYMBALS / PERCUSSION / FX 42 CLUB Sounds (Leads &...
GM / GS SoundFonts vol.1
057.9mg ALL In ONE Light GM Bank.sf2 (60 MB) BDS_Standard_V2.10.sf2 (28 Mb) Caltronix Mega GS13.sf2 (64 Mb) FantaGM32.sf2 (32 Mb) JurgenGM-GSv2.sf2 (62 Mb) MarinoEnhGMv1.sf2 (81 Mb) MusicmanGMv1.sf2 (67 Mb) PC51c.
GM / GS SoundFonts vol.2
A340-sf (80 Mb) FluidR3122501 (151 Mb) Masterpiece (29 Mb) sYnerGi_GS_Comm_SF (36 Mb) UnisonGmSf (31 Mb) Atomic-v1.0.sf2 (39 Mb) Cadenza.sf2 (51 Mb) GeneralUser GS 1.3.sf2 (26 Mb) Total: 424 Mb
SoundBreeze Clubtunes vol.1
SoundBreeze Clubtunes vol.1 offers a selection of essential sounds of club to them for their Hands UP, Trance & Techno productions. This SAM-POLARIZES CD contains apart from the most current sounds of club.
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3 Ever ask yourself "Where did Timbaland get that killa style?" or "Where can I get a PhD in beat-making like he's got?" If so, then immerse yourself in...
VipZone Electro Basses
VipZone Electro Basses [SF2 + WAV + SXT formats] Category: Basses, Multisamples Genre: Electro, Electro-House, House, Other Format: sf2 (instruments), reason refills, wav (one shots) We present new collection...
VipZone Fantasy Leads
VipZone Fantasy Leads We would like to present new multisamples pack - Fantasy Leads ! This is a collection of high quality dream-fantasy sounds for using in trance, dance and other club tracks as well as other genres.
VipZone Hardcore Essentials
VipZone Hardcore Essentials [SF2 / SXT / WAV formats] Styles: Hardcore and Gabber 128 DRUMS (Bounce Kicks, Dark Kicks, Deep Kicks, Extreme Kicks, Filtered Kicks, Noise Kicks, Standard Kicks) 122 DARK VOCALS...
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006 Hardstyle Essentials 2006 (X3) = Essential Hardstyle & Hardtrance Sounds for your commercial Music productions All Samples are in 16bit 44khz WAV or SF2+Halion, so...
VipZone Multisamples Lucid Dreamer Leads
VipZone Multisamples Lucid Dreamer Leads [SF2/SXT Format] Pack contains 34 multisamples in SF2 format from LUCID DREAMER collection. Category: Leads, Multisamples Genre: Dance, Trance, Techno Format: sf2...
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads [SF2/SXT/GIG Formats] ROCCO LEAD - lead typical for funny commercial melodies like ROCCO. Contains a lot of high detuned harmonics COMM DRY - powerful lead useful for arpeggios.
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2 [SF2/SXT Formats]   QLIMAX LEAD - very strong lead. BENNY BENASSI LEAD - it's probably no need to describe this type of sound. It's just sound of Benny...
VipZone Multisamples vol.5 - Hardstyle Leads
VipZone Multisamples vol.5 - Hardstyle Leads [SF2/SXT format] We want to announce the new fantastic samplepack from VipZone - Multisamples vol.5 - HARDSTYLE LEADS. These new squeezing sounds will perfectly...

The original SoundFont file format was developed in the early 1990s by E-mu Systems and Creative Labs. A specification for this version was never released to the public. The first and only major device to utilize this version was Creative's Sound Blaster AWE32 in 1994. Files in this format conventionally have the file extension of .SBK or .SB2.

SoundFont 2.0 was developed in 1996. This file format generalized the data representation using perceptually additive real world units, redefined some of the instrument layering features within the format, added true stereo sample support and removed some obscure features of the first version whose behavior was difficult to specify. This version was fully disclosed as a public specification, with the goal of making the SoundFont format an industry standard. All SoundFont 1.0 compatible devices were updated to support the SoundFont 2.0 format shortly after it was released to the public, and consequently the 1.0 version became obsolete. Files in this and all other 2.x formats (see below) conventionally have the file extension of SF2.

Version 2.01 (usually, but incorrectly called 2.1) of the SoundFont file format was introduced in 1998 with an E-mu sound card product called the Audio Production Studio. The 2.01 version added features allowing sound designers to configure the way MIDI controllers influence synthesizer parameters. The 2.01 format is bidirectionally compatible with 2.0, which means that synthesizers capable of rendering 2.01 format will also by definition render 2.0 format, and synthesizers that are only capable of rendering 2.0 format will also read and render 2.01 format, but just not apply the new features.

SoundFont 2.04 (there never was a 2.02 or a 2.03 version) was introduced in 2005 with the Sound Blaster X-Fi. The 2.04 format added support for 24-bit samples. The 2.04 format is bidirectionally compatible with the 2.01 format, so synthesizers that are only capable of rendering 2.0 or 2.01 format would automatically render instruments using 24-bit samples at 16-bit precision.

SoundFont is a registered trademark of E-mu Systems, Inc., and the exclusive license for re-formatting and managing historical SoundFont content has been acquired by Digital Sound Factory.