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Sony Oxford Professional Plug-ins

SONY Oxford Professional Plug-Ins

SONY Oxford Professional Plug-Ins

The disk contains:

Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native VST v1.5.1
Sonnox Oxford Limiter Native VST v1.1.1
Sonnox Oxford R3 Dynamics Native VST v1.3.1
Sonnox.Oxford R3 EQ Native VST v1.6.1
Sonnox Oxford Reverb Native VST v1.0
Sonnox Oxford TransMod Native VST v1.3.1
Sonnox Oxford Inflator PowerCore VST v1.5.1
Sonnox Oxford Limiter PowerCore VST v1.1.1
Sonnox Oxford R3 Dynamics PowerCore VST.v1.3.1
Sonnox Oxford R3 EQ PowerCore VST v1.6.1
Sonnox Oxford TransMod PowerCore VST v1.3.1

The SONY OXF-R3 ( "the Oxford Console")

Sonnox traces its history back to Sony Oxford, which was originally set up in the late 80's to design a high end pro audio DSP system and bespoke software design tools. The target was to take Sony into the high end recording studios. The team that initiated the Oxford Group, combined a number of varied disciplines which included:

* Digital hardware design including DSP ASICs.
* High Quality analogue audio and convertor design.
* Software and specialised audio algorithm design.
* Mechanical and graphic design.
* User interface design.
* Record/mix engineering.

The first product was the Sony OXF-R3, or "Oxford" , as it's often called. A high end digital mixer, it's greatly favoured by those who care most about their sound, and it's that technology that the Oxford Plug-Ins are based on. Our philosophy has always been to bring the highest quality audio to the pro market at an affordable price.

Although software maintenance of the OXF-R3 continued for some years, the core activities of the group diversified. Oxford became the world leader for development of 1-bit audio processing (DSD, the basis for SACD), and additionally took a variety of R&D contracts from various groups in Sony such as audio compression and delivery for the Disk Technology Company in Japan, and audio processing and editing for a Sony group in California that was developing a video workstation product. One notable success has been a spin off technology from DSD into an AES-recognised standard multi-channel audio interconnection system called SuperMac. In parallel with these projects we diversified further by re-purposing much of the original OXF-R3 development towards plugins, initially for Pro Tools. In April 2007 this plugins business was spun out of Sony and became Sonnox Ltd.

The Sony Oxford Team consisted of a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts who cared passionately about what they do, and this theme is carried forwards with Sonnox. Most of the team are musicians and all have worked in pro audio in various roles.


In line with our philosophy, our aim is to position our products with an emphasis on quality first, combined with operational ease. We always take the time to make it right!

High End Quality Audio

Our pedigree, for want of a better term, is the high end recording studio where quality is crucial. Our technology has won over many a ‘golden ear' who previously maintained you could ‘hear digital'. (That may have been the case in the past!) We have a number of Grammy Award winners that bought the OXF-R3 console, including George Massenburg, Peter Gabriel and Mick Guzauski. We are currently selling the plugins to these same luminaries, and many more besides!

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy SONY Oxford Professional Plug-Ins or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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