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Sibelius 6 [full Dvd Version]

Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]

Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version][4.5 Gb]

Sibelius 6

Even more new features

Power tools

  • Shift-drag moves objects horizontally/vertically
  • Alt+drag or Option-drag moves object without moving attachment position
  • Ctrl+drag or Command-drag suspends Magnetic Layout while moving
  • Tab advances to next bar when inputting chord symbols
  • New Keypad button to stop note input or deselect (for smartboards)
  • View handles – makes ends of lines etc. easier to select
  • Use F13-F19 as shortcuts on new Macs


  • Set duration of and silence after fermatas (pauses), individually or throughout
  • Double-click fader in Mixer resets it to default position (new since v5.0)
  • Shift or Ctrl/Command when opening instrument strip opens all similar/all other strips (new since v5.0)
  • Omit muted staves when exporting MIDI file (option)

Look & feel

  • Hide particular toolbar buttons
  • Auto-hide toolbar buttons if insufficient room
  • Tile multiple open scores (new on Mac)
  • Move around Symbol and Edit Symbols dialogs with arrow keys, and see symbol names
  • Smoother zoom with Ctrl+mouse wheel
  • Command+mouse wheel zooms on Mac
  • Better keyboard access for dialogs (e.g. Clefs, Symbols, Key Signature) on Mac
  • Set paper & desk texture of versions
  • Many other look & feel improvements

Engraving & notations

  • Dynamics automatically above vocal staves
  • Lines split between systems more controllable - e.g. two halves have independent vertical positions and slur/tie shape
  • Line ends easier to select
  • Chord symbols appear by default as diagrams on guitar notation staves, chord text on other staves
  • Tie thickness adjustable
  • Tuplets always above notes on vocal staves (option)
  • Accidentals persist after mid-bar clef changes
  • Width of empty bar varies with bar length (option)
  • Automatic breve bar rests in 4/2
  • Special staff spacing for multi-staff instruments (e.g. keyboards, divided winds)
  • Move rehearsal marks & tempo text up/down without affecting ones on other staves in same place
  • Better default positions of many text styles and lines
  • Cross-staff beams improved
  • Ossia staves improved


  • Check Redundancies - hides/deletes unnecessary clef/key/time signature changes etc.
  • Export Each Staff as Audio - for importing into a sequencer
  • Convert Folder of Scores to Earlier Version
  • Other plug-ins improved

Network licenses

  • Easier network installation
  • Client copies can connect from any IP address
  • Largest network license now unlimited (previously 255 computers)
  • Use same preferences for all users of a computer

Other improvements

  • Many editing operations faster, particularly on large selected passages
  • Reminds you to save a version when you close a score
  • Improved manuscript papers for new scores
  • Auto-select US or European paper sizes for new scores or imported files
  • Imports octave lines in MusicXML files
  • Various bugs fixed
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