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Dub 'n Trance

Dub 'N Trance
Electronisounds Dub 'N Trance

This sampling CD set is our most well rounded trance sample project to date. Filled with absolutely everything you need for trance and dub productions, we spent more than a year creating the most essential sounds for making dubby trance mixes and packed them all onto these 2 CD's. From hard-hitting kick drums and dubbed-out drum loops, to bass, synth, pad, vocal & fx one-shots - it's all here! DnT features over 2,000 sounds and loops.

These samples are perfect for:

Trance & House producers, Uptempo Dub producers, IDM & Dark Industrial producers, and ANY electronic music producer who is looking for phat, dance-floor-packing sounds and loops.


We've focused more on individual "one-shot" sounds in this sample set, and although you will find plenty of melodic loops and phrases to get you started, the one-shots allow you to program your own loops and phrases and are really the heart and soul of this collection. We collected sounds (and programmed our own) from too many synths to list, (both hardware and software), so you can be sure whether you want some classic (or BEEFED up) "HOOVER" type one-shots or multi-samples, or some hard acid-trance leads - they're in here! Every kind of synth sound you could need is here, so no matter what kind of trance you make or want to make (progressive trance, house, nu disco, nu NRG, euphoria, psychedelic trance, etc.), the right sound for your mix is here - EVERY TIME! Hundreds of individual one-shot synth sounds are included - all tuned to "C", and they're all essential sounds for trancey, dubby mixes!


Like to program and combine your OWN multi-samples? We've provided over 40 of the phattest trance sounds you're likely to hear in multi-sampled format! How about some of these presets? Big melody Lead, Bright Wide Hoover, Syn Strings, Excited Strings, Filter Strings, Drag Lead, Dark Lead, Brazz Lead, Cosmic Lead, Thickest Lead, Zoom Zoom Lead, Uber Hoover & many more. These multi-sampled sounds are deeeeeeep! Load them into your favorite hardware or software sampler and feel the explosion!


Of course you're still gonna need MORE sounds to complete your greatest trance tracks ever - dig into the organs, pads and basses folders to round out your new sound arsenal! We've got all the basses you need, from short ravers and deep subs, to long exploders! Pads here are plentiful, all evolving, swirling and beautiful - just like you'd expect from a trance pad. The organs selection rounds out the dubby feel of this collection, giving you everything from retro 60's transistor organ sounds, to full-on deep rotator organ sounds - drop your favorite drumloop into your workstation, and load up one of these organs on top to start the serious dubbing madness!


On DnT, you'll find HUNDREDS of all-new Trance & Dub drum sounds including 909 sounds, original dubby drum hits and even extra folders with nothing but kick drum samples - filtered kicks, and analog kicks! We've created new drumkits especially for DnT, with super-phat new sounds perfect for trance and club tracks. Not enough drum sounds for you? No problem! We've also included 60 *BONUS* "clubby" drum sounds from our yet un-released sample CD, "White Label Beats" - these drums are killer!


The hundreds of drum loops here are provided in 2 flavours: construction-kit style (with 4 vatiations of each loop), and various drumloops (with no variation of the loop). These loops are dubby and stomping, with plenty of depth. We used filters, maximizers and other fx to get the most out of these drumloops! Want to get your tracks done quickly? Drop any of the included filtered drumrolls in your mix, and you've got instant turn-arounds and break build-ups!


Looking for some sexy female vocal samples to spice up your 'late-night' club tracks? You've just found a killer payload, mate! We've hooked you up with a folder of female vocal samples, from ohh's and ooooh's, to super-sexy moans and groans. These vocal samples are very sexy and if used wisely can really add life to your breakdowns and intros.


We've got you FX junkies covered too! A nice selection of new fx sounds has been compiled for DnT: from bleeps and sweeps to spacey sonars and alien transmission broadcasts! All the goodies you need to accent your breaks, intro, outros and turn-arounds!


We haven't left anything out on this 2-disc set! "Dub 'N Trance" even features all new Inspiration kits & chord hits & stabs to help you get your dub on! These CD's are literally OVERFLOWING with samples! We've packed in over 2,000 all-new sounds and loops! This sample set is also the perfect companion to our "Trance Explosion" 2-disc sample CD set.


Bass Loops Folder - 36MB, 42 samples
Chords Folder - 61MB, 128 samples
Drum Kits Folder - 21MB, 214 samples
Drum Loops Folder - 63MB, 100 samples
FX Folder - 27MB, 23 samples
Inspiration Kits Folder - 90MB, 72 samples
Instrunment Multi-Samples Folder - 193MB, 160 samples
Instrument One-Shots Folder - 58MB, 101 samples (bass, synth & synth fx shots - tuned to "C")
Synth Loops Folder - 73MB, 63 samples
Vocal Samples Folder - 18MB, 25 samples (strange male spoken samples)
Z_Bonus Drumkits - 8MB, 103 drum hits in 2 drum kits
Z_Demo Samples - 34MB, 127 samples

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You may buy Dub 'N Trance or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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