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Bfd 2 Drums [6 Dvd]

$160.00 $59.95
BFD 2 Drums [6 DVD]

FXPansion BFD 2 Drums [6 DVD] [Hybrid PC/MAC]

BFD2's easy to use interface is redesigned from the ground up to give you more power and control for shaping your drums than ever before. It's fast and easy to set up and integrate into your digital audio workstation of choice.

Create expressive, complex drum parts using 55GB of rare, vintage, boutique and classic drumkits. Recorded at AIR Studios in London, BFD2's sound library combines extreme realism with stunning sound quality.

Mix your drums with flexible routing, submixing and built-in EQ, compressors and other effects.

Meanwhile, BFD2's Groove engine offers advanced editing, performance and humanization functions for creating realistic drum parts. You can even lay out a full song's drum track entirely within BFD2!


* 10 full kits, extra snares, cymbals, and more

* Incredible detail: Multiple mic positions, expressive articulations, up to 96 velocity layers

* User stereo multi-velocity layer sample import

* EQ and FX suite containing everything from flanger, bitcrusher and delay effects to circuit-modelled dynamics, filtering and distortion

* Great-sounding presets let you concentrate on writing and playing instead of engineering

* 5000+ Grooves ready to use in your projects

* Built-in multi-channel audio export

* Better management of kits, instruments, Grooves and other files

* Easy mapping for keyboard/pad controllers and automation

* Electronic drum triggering support including expressive hihats and snare positional sensing

* A huge range of powerful new features and workflow enhancements


* Recorded with premium mics and a warm, refined signal path in a room with stunning clarity and definition of ambience

* Mid/Side room mic set for anything from true mono to incredible sounding expanded stereo room sounds

* Thunderous, punchy kicks featuring inside and outside mics

* Versatile snare mic mixing: two top mics and a bottom mic

* Incredibly detailed hihats featuring 11 articulations, snares include hits at the centre and halfway towards the edge

* Lush, complex cymbals with bell and edge hits

* 55GB of multi-channel, 24-bit 44.1 kHz audio


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