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E-mu Earth Tones

E-MU Earth Tones
E-MU Earth Tones [EMU format]

Based on the legendary Planet Earth Module from emu, This CDRom features a gamut of instruments from the global village organized into 56 banks ranging from 2MB to 32MB in memory size. Many of the sounds are expanded and improved versions of those from the famous Proteus 3 World module augmented by extras from the E-MU Sound Central sampling archives. Whether you are composing world music or exploring goa/trance or ambient dance music, you will find something to bang your drum!

Cd Content: Earth Tones, World Combo, World Assortment, Accordions, Exotic, Winds, Nye Flutes, Mizmar, Midjwiz & Shaku, Shenai, World Whistles, Harmonica, Bagpipes, Turkish Oud, Swedish Lyre, Hammer Dulcimer, Dobro, Dobro Slides, Pedal Slides, Flat Top Banjo, Arch Top Banjo, Koto 1 & 2, Tar, Kanun, Cumbus, Su Gzheng, Celtic Harp, Troubador Harp, Irish Harp, Mandolin, Ukelele, Guitaron, Auto Harp Majors, Auto Harp Min/7, Bowed Psaltry, Bronze Gamelan, Tibetan Bowls, Kye Waing/Djembe, Japanese Bowls, Asian Cymbals, Crotales, Latin Shakers, Latin Drums&Rain, Conga Battery, Timbale Battery, African Perc, African Drums, World O' Kalimba, Deff Bendir &Req, Spirit Catcher, Jew'sHarp&Spoons, World Percussion, Indian Ensemble, The Andes, American Natives, ...

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