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Acapella Samples

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1200 Acapellas
Massive collection of ACAPELLAS on DVD in MP3 192 kBps quality. 132-rainy_day.mp3 20_fingers-lick_it.mp3 20_fingers-short_dick_man.mp3 2_brothers_on_the_4th_floor-kick_in_the_bass.mp3 2_in_a_room-ahora_es.
Acapella Heaven for DJs
Super exclusive collection of acapellas for DJs. Absolute_Acapellas_Vol02 A02_IC_Love_Affair.mp3 A04_Need_Love.mp3 A05_All_My_Love_(crackels).mp3 A06_boogie_Man.mp3 A07_Count_Down.mp3 A3_Catch_You.mp3 B1_Never_Give_Up.
Elica Le Bon Vocal Acapellas
'Elica Le Bon: Vocal Acapellas' from Loopmasters present a stunning collection of contemporary urban vocals direct from the heart and streets of London. This Royalty-Free collection features serene...
Katherine Ellis Diva Acapellas
Loopmasters proudly present Katherine Ellis Diva Acapellas – a supreme selection of exclusive vocals from one of the biggest names in the business. This collection is not only a first for Katherine.
Latin Acapellas [DVD]
Loopmasters Latin Acapellas [DVD] [WAV / REX] Direct from the endless summer of sunshine and straight to your studio, Loopmasters Presents Latin Acapellas. A Fresh, authentic one of a kind collection of...
Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 2 [DVD]
Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 2 [DVD][WAV/REX2] Monster Sounds is proud to drop 8 more Killer vocals for you to twist up into what ever genre you fancy. About Library Fed up of having to re use the same...
Monster Sounds New York Rap Acapellas Part 3
Monster Sounds New York Rap Acapellas Part 3 Monster Sounds are very proud to present the third volume of freshest royalty free Rap acapellas featuring some of the best MC's in NYC! Many times in the...
Planet Samples Acapella Vocals Vol.2
Planet Samples Acapella Vocals Vol.2 [WAV / MIDI] About Library Acapella Vocals Vol.2 it’s a brand new pack features 5 full length acapella kits complete with melodic parts ready to inspire your...
Riya Vocal Acapellas
Loopmasters present Riya Vocal Acapellas – a serene collection of melodic and uplifting vocals from the girl crowned the `Queen of Drum and Bass’ by DnB Arena 2 years in a row! With tracks...
Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas
Loopmasters proudly present Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas – a stunning selection of exclusive vocal tracks from one of the industry’s most established singers. This exclusive collection is provided 100% Royalty Free.
VipZone Acapellas Hardstyle Vocals
VipZone Acapellas Hardstyle Vocals We would like to present new voice / acapella pack - Hardstyle Vocals. Pack contains over 1300 files including sentences and words processed through miscelanous squeezing effects.
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals We present long awaited Kate Lesing vocals (trance & dance acapellas). There are 19 professional & royalty-free acapella phrases (a vocal...
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals 2
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals vol.2 Finally, after 2 years from a first release of Kate Lesing vocals vol.1, we come out with the new special product - Kate Lesing vol. 2. As...

A cappella [a kkapˈpɛlla] (Italian for "in the manner of the chapel")- music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.

In this category you can buy or download acapella vocal samples.