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Yellow Tools Majestic [4 Dvd]

Yellow Tools Majestic [4 DVD]

Yellow Tools Majestic VSTi [4 DVDs Set]

A Yellow Tools Modular Virtual Instrument - contains more than 16GB (4 DVDs with over 45,000 single sound samples) authentic, highly optimized sounds of various basses, combined with a highest-end audio engine which includes amazing features. Additionally we extended the release version of Majestic with a 100 year old upright bass (2.5GB).

Purest authenticity and an absolute pleasure to work with...

Majestic Software

Majestic's audio engine is a completely independent development of yellow tools and offers powerful features, an intelligent user interface and is optimized for the simultaneous use of several-thousand sound samples. The amazing results are possible by the fact that the engine was developed for the sounds AND the sounds for the engine.

Because Majestic includes purest e-bass instruments, which characters has to be conveyed to the MVI as realistic as possible, we consciously despensed with any filters.


* Highly optimized engine for low CPU load
* Powerful MIDI processing incl. keyswitch option
* Flexible and intuitive handling of multis, layers and single keygroups
* Up to 16 audio outputs
* Simultaneous use of up to 8 different layers
* Hundreds of stunning single and multi patches using over 45,000 samples
* Intelligent polyphony management: protection of the natural release of the instruments and also the adjustment of voice usage per layers and notes to save CPU power!
* Basic and pro editor mode
* Cross platform plug-in compatibility
* Compatible with Digital Performer, ProTools and any VST 2.0 compatible Host like Logic, Cubase, Nuendo etc. up to 32bit/192kHz

Some of Majestic's Special Features:


This feature simulates the fingerchange of the bass player while performing. In spite of a multi played note with the same velocity on the keyboard, the same sample will never be played twice successively. With this option activated you can perform the e-basses incredibly realistic.


The Legato effect enables you to play one or more layers as a monophonic instrument. Use the Blend value to set how quickly you want the sounds to cross-fade, and the Skip parameter to skip an unwanted attack stage of a sample.


Easy and fast switching between different instruments with previously assigned keys or the modwheel. So the hands can stay where the should be: on the keyboard...


When some sounds lack the hard kick you need for your production or sound too hard, you can add or remove punch by adjusting the attack length and volume. So you can decide to slap a bass harder or softer, for example. Just how you like it.


Scale Zones is the ultimate feature for combining sounds if you want to limit their velocities, but not their dynamic range. So you could scale an e-bass with 8 velocity splits per note, which is - via vel range - playable only between the velocities 40 and 110, to its full dynamic within that range.


Three faders allow infinitely variable adjustment of majestic's dynamic settings:
* volume range
* character of the volume curve
* velocity curve

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Yellow Tools Majestic [4 DVD] or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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