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Galaxy Steinway 5.1 [3 Dvd]

$75.00 $39.95
Galaxy Steinway 5.1 [3 DVD]
DVD.Microphones: close miking with 5 Bruel & Kjaer mics, room mics from Neumann plus SPL / Brauner Atmos System for the 5.1 recording of the grand piano. Location: Galaxy Studios, Belgium.Galaxy Hall, size 320 square meters, 8 meters room height. Recorded through a Neve Capricorn digital console directly linked to ProTools. Six discrete channels in 16/24 bit/48 kHz resolution. Separate microphone for the LFE channel. Mapped in whole tones. 10 velocity layers provide a natural sound quality over the whole dynamic range. Sample length up to 40 seconds, hence no loops.Grand total approx. 6.5 Gigabytes of audio samples. Included Stereo version 1.5 Gigabytes.
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