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Synergy [5 Dvd]

$80.00 $49.95
Synergy [5 DVD]

Sample Logic Synergy KONTAKT [5 DVD]

18GB of ambient, bass, drums, impacts, melody, pads, rhythms, and multis.

Weighing in at more than 18GB, the Synergy virtual instrument collection features over 1200 instruments, tempo-synced loops, and multis to deliver the next generation of diverse sounds in an intuitive user interface. Powered by Native Instruments KONTAKT Player engine, Synergy uses extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide you interactive, ready-to-play instruments. With Synergy's flexible sound sculpting interface, control is in your hands. Simply put, all instruments can be modified, redesigned, and customized to your preference. This makes the Sample Logic Synergy perfect for any performance and music production environment.

The Synergy virtual instrument will become a permanent addition to your compositional palette. Sample Logic went to great lengths to capture the purist perception of sound from all over the world. This library is jam-packed with serene spiritual textures, deep rooted basses, pop and Hip-Hop flavored beats, haunting environments, lush emotional pads, mind-blowing explosions, multi-sampled ethnic and tribal instruments, gated angelic voices, electronic arpeggiated synths, bone-chilling sequenced impacts, melodic bells and whistles, adventurous flutes, action and world rhythms, funky leads, gigantic pianos, mallets from the tropics, and more.

Bringing together the past, present, and future, Sample Logic Synergy not only delivers fundamental loops, soundscapes, and textures, but also transcends the modern virtual instrument providing timeless ingredients for any performance and music production. Organized in Sample Logic's tried-and-true fashion, Synergy virtual instrument will inspire you whether you're a producer, DJ, electronic musician, or film/tv/commercial/video game composer.

Sample Logic Synergy Virtual Instrument Library Software Features:

    * 18GB featuring 1200+ instruments, tempo-synced loops, and multis
    * Powered by Native Instruements KONTAKT player
    * Can be used as standalone or as a plug-in within a sequencer (AU, VST, RTAS, DXI)
    * Instrument Categories
    * Ambience: 19 subcategories
    * Bass: 5 subcategories
    * Impacts: 18 subcategories (with 4 transition subcategories)
    * Melody: 9 subcategories
    * Rhythm: 8 subcategories
    * Pods: 7 subcategories
    * Drums: 4 subcategories (1 being kits)


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