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Phaedra Ultimate Analog

Phaedra Ultimate Analog

Zero-G Phaedra Ultimate Analog [VSTi / DXi / RTAS / AU / HYBRID]

PHAEDRA is a ZERO-G/XFONIC Kontakt Player 2 virtual instrument featuring over 4 gigabytes of sounds, 20,000 samples and 720 patches. This is the ultimate virtual analogue synth. Unhappy with the lack of raw sonic power in virtual emulations of VSTi analog synths, producer Sam Spacey set out on a three year journey to make the ultimate synth and ended up creating a monster in PHAEDRA. Constructed with the same attention to detail as a huge orchestral sample library, each of the 20,000 samples has been edited and looped by hand, with loops being very long so as to extract that lovely random analog magic. Nearly every single preset has each separate note sampled so as to eliminate aliasing within the instrument's range. With Kontakt 2's engine being fully exploited we have produced a library that is a full synthesizer in its own right.

"...Obsessive attention to detail seems to have paid off, because Phaedra is certainly a fine analogue synthesizer capable of producing some very exciting sounds... the overall sound is rich and powerful. And the presets - conceived from a composer/producer's perspective as opposed to just impressive sounds for their own sake - are both useful and easily edited using the proven and flexible Kontakt Player 2 interface... Verdict: A powerful virtue analogue synth containing plenty of raw, exciting presets suitable for a variety of electronic and pop music genres." MUSIC TECH MAGAZINE, UK

PHAEDRA is suitable for all types of music and would enhance any producer's sonic armoury.

Categories include:

01 Synth 1
02 Synth 2
03 Bass
04 Leads
05 Pads
06 Sequences
07 FX
08 DnB
09 Synth Builder
10 Multis

PHAEDRA is the most complete virtual analogue synthesizer ever created. Sit back, plug in and enjoy!


For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Phaedra Ultimate Analog or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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