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Nexus Expansion: Stratosphere

Nexus Expansion: Stratosphere

ReFX Nexus Expansion: Stratosphere

Extremely dense pads, full of life, unbelievable filtersweeps, endless atmospheres - all of this is the basis of the stratosphere expansion! Also numerous unique sounds, such as human whistling or bottle blows, are found here. This expansion makes massive use of the new features introduced in Nexus 1.3 like the poly-arp. Get ready to take off!



AR Archon 1
AR Archon 2
AR Double Whopper
AR Gipsy
AR Metalizer
AR Muted Melodies
AR Nebulon
AR Odyssey
AR PolyArp
AR Redemption
AR Sonic Trip
AR Steroids
AR Three Notes 2 Go
AT Dark Templar
AT Foggy Eye
AT Minority
AT Onaga
AT Silicon 1
AT Silicon 2
AT Space...
BL Glassy Bells
FX Flyby Tuner
FX Hold me Love me
FX Interstellar Rumble
GT Lyrical 12 String
GT Nylon Guitar Chorus
GT Nylon Guitar Clean
GT Nylon Guitar Fuzzy
GT Nylon Guitar Soft
GT Sol Guitar
GT Steel Chorus
GT Steel Clean
GT Steel Fuzzy
LD Binaries
LD Chtullus Wrath
LD Ethno Lead 1
LD Ethno Lead 2
LD NL3 Trancelead
LD Oberbrass Sweep
LD Overdriven
LD Singularity 1
LD Singularity 2
LD Singularity 3
PD Aftermath
PD Big Show 1
PD Big Show 2
PD Bottle Blows
PD Cold Strings
PD Comb Pad 1
PD Comb Pad 2
PD Feedbacks 1
PD Feedbacks 2
PD Hollow Voxy Pad
PD Hyperion
PD Lonesome Sweep
PD Mankind
PD Many Many Saws
PD NL3 Pad 1
PD NL3 Pad 2
PD NL3 Pad 3
PD NL3 Pad 4
PD NL3 Pad 5
PD NL3 Pad 6
PD NL3 Pad 7
PD Notch Strings 1
PD Notch Strings 2
PD Notch Strings 3
PD Notch Strings 4
PD Notch Strings 5
PD Peeno Chime
PD Phantom Noize 1
PD Phantom Noize 2
PD Phantom Noize Soft
PD Purple Pad
PD Robotopad
PD Super Highsweep
PD Thin Pad
PD Tubular Pad
PD Vibropad
PD Warm Stratopad 1
PD Warm Stratopad 2
PD Wavetable Pad 1
PD Wavetable Pad 2
PD Wavetable Pad 3
PD Wavetable Pad 4
PD Wavetable Pad 5
PD Wavetable Pad 6
PD Wavetable Pad 7
PD Wavetable Pad 8
PN Phantasy Piano 1
PN Phantasy Piano 2
PN Phantasy Piano 3
PN Phantasy Piano 4
PN Warm Pianopad
SQ Chalet
SQ Go Rhythm Go
SQ In-Filtrator
SQ Multi Bandpass
SQ Sidechords
SQ Snake
SQ The Void
SQ Tribalism
SQ Wavetemple
SQ Ways of Filtering
SY Cyberspace
SY DX Stack
SY Fat Analog Stack
SY Fontaine
SY Kraftchords
SY Maya Fire
SY Noizy Sonar
SY Nu Power
SY Organic FM Synth
SY Sakomoto
SY Septimus
SY Sunphase
SY Synthetic Pan
TG Beasty Modwheel
TG Deep Resonating
TG Filterscope 1
TG Filterscope 2
TG Lost in Love
TG Stut
VO Analog Ohhs
VO Human Whistle
VO Shodan Sings
VO Syvoice
VO Universe Faker



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You may buy Nexus Expansion: Stratosphere or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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