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Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle

Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle

Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle

This expansion emerges directly from the depths of Hell. Evil hardstyle leads meet sick and distorted bass lines, massive hardcore choirs meet rave 303 lines... This expansion will blow the dust off your speakers' membranes! Not recommended for softies and the hearing impaired.



AR Breaknoize
AR Buttpikes
AR Hardcore Stutter
AR Neckbender
BA Andromeda D-SQ
BA Bass Menu 1
BA Bass Menu 2
BA Bump Bass
BA Distowave 1
BA Distowave 2
BA Distowave 3
BA Gabbabass 1
BA Gabbabass 2
BA Gabbabass 3
BA Gabbabass 4
BA Icy Square
BA Mellow Square
BA Move It
BA Pitchbass down
BA Pitchbass DownUp
BA Pitchbass Up
BA Pitchbass UpDown
BA Shrubber
BA Softbass
BA Sweepbass 1
BA Sweepbass 2
BA Sweepbass 3
BA Sweepbass 4
BA Techbass
BA Warm Fuzzy
DL Driven Tom
DL Gated Eights
DL Snare March
FX Clapping Crowd
FX Delaydots
FX Hardstyle Crowd
FX Hardstyle!!!
FX Hardvocs Gate
FX Metal Menu
FX Rhytmonator
LD Aggrosaw
LD Alpha Juno Hits
LD Big Alpha 1
LD Big Alpha 2
LD Big Detune 1
LD Big Detune 2
LD Big Detune 3
LD Clean Supersaw 1
LD Clean Supersaw 2
LD Clean Supersaw 3
LD Dark and Derb
LD Destructive Device
LD Diffusor
LD Dirty Girty
LD Hardbuzz 1
LD Hardbuzz 2
LD Hardbuzz 3
LD Hardbuzz 4
LD Jesse-Tonk
LD Junobender 1
LD Loops Or Things 1
LD Loops Or Things 2
LD Massive Saws 1
LD Nazan Scream
LD Noizelead
LD Nordlead-lead
LD Partytime 1
LD Partytime 2
LD Pitcha 1
LD Pitcha 2
LD Pitcha 3
LD Pitchcorrection
LD Reflex 1
LD Reflex 2
LD Reflex 3
LD Scream 2gether
LD Screamcell
LD TerrorChoir Layer
LD TerrorChoir Single 1
LD TerrorChoir Single 2
LD TerrorChoir Single 3
LD TerrorChoir Single 4
LD Totally Damaged
LD Vreestyler
LD Zerrocrisp
PD Distortion Pad
PD Drive Pad
PD Larus
PD Phasewave
PD Rough Pad
PD Strobe Pad
PD The Fog Pad
PL Blip Hard
PL Blip Soft
PL Broken Plugg
PL Distobells
PL Hellsbells
PL Kicklead
PL Mysterio
PL Noize Splitter
SQ Fly with me
SQ Gabba Toms 1
SQ Gabba Toms 2
SQ Got Cocaine
SQ Hardstyle Seq 1
SQ Hardstyle Seq 2
SQ Hardstyle Seq 3
SQ Hardstyle Seq 4
SQ Looperior
SY 3 Stage Filtering
SY Alphanumeric
SY Bandit
SY Barbwire
SY Big Space
SY Bitstylerz
SY Blast
SY Calm Down
SY Cocastyle
SY ComputerArp
SY Computerkord
SY Its Pizza Time
SY Ravers Vox
SY Yamato
SY Zig Zag
SYN Hard Teebee
SYN Soft Teebee
TG Fragmental Voices
TG Little Raver
TG Stutterpad



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You may buy Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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