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Gforce Minimonsta:melohman [full Version]

GForce Minimonsta:Melohman [Full Version]

G-Media Music MINIMONSTA VSTi [Full Version]

GForce’s Minimonsta:Melohman is an expert emulation of the classic Minimoog that was at the forefront of the analog synth revolution and popularized by artists like Jan Hammer, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Gary Numan and Kraftwerk. Enhancements include polyphony, programmability, morphing, additional LFO and ADSR, and delay. Stand-alone or host operation.


The people at GForce have a passion for one thing—incredibly realistic emulations of vintage keyboards. The Minimonsta is completely faithful in its reproduction of the original Minmoog, known to be one of the biggest, fattest sounds from any era. Everything that made the Minimoog so popular is here: 3 VCOs, pink/white noise generator, famous Moog 4-pole 24dB/octave low-frequency VCF, 2 ADSRs, external input, mixer, glide and more. If you’ve worked with a Minimoog before, you’ll be blown away at the realism (not to mention the fact that it stays in rock-solid tuning). And if you’ve never had the experience, this classic synth emulation is sure to bring you as much inspiration as it did for the pioneering electronic musicians of the day.


* expertly crafted analog model of the classic Minimoog

* additional LFO & ADSR for matrix modulation

* monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes

* fully programmable with over 6000 factory patches

* stand-alone or host operation





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You may buy GForce Minimonsta:Melohman [Full Version] or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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