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Ethno World 4 Pro [3 Dvd]

Ethno World 4 Pro [3 DVD]

Best Service Ethno World 4 Pro [3 DVD] [HYBRID PC/MAC]

ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL is by the renowned film composer Marcel Barsotti. This composer has already won several awards. He has composed music for more than 80 cinema, advertising and television films and his musicians have been placed in the charts several times. ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL contains more than 200 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 14,000 high quality samples in the following categories:

Bowed instruments, stringed instruments, woodwind and brass, key instruments, bell type instruments, metal type instruments, world drums, world percussion, gongs and bowls, and the new category of voices. Therefore, ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL with its 10 gigabytes of samples is one of the most extensive ethnic library in the world. New in ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL is for instance a complete Morin Khuur string ensemble (Mongolia). It is now possible to create a whole string arrangement with up to 14 key switches, similar to large orchestra libraries.

Many instruments from all continents can be played, for example Saron, Tibetan Bells, Saz, Kantele, Irish Flutes, Military Cassa, Angklung, Egyptian Fiddle, Erhu, Gaohu, Scale Changer Harmonium, Bouzouki, Santoor, Hulusi, Dung Dkar Horns, Cajon, Balafon, Western Fiddle, Monochord, Irish Flutes and the new Duduk, Dvojacka, Hotchiku, Shakuhachi, Fujara, Ciaramella, Mankosedda, Jews Harp and Launeddas. Originating from India are the well known string instruments Dilruba and Esraj. Unique and for the first time for EW4 are a Mongolian choir, Overtone Singing, and individual female and male voices. Altogether, there are 1400 licks and loops of outstanding quality and playability.

All ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL instruments and voices are played by renowned musicians under the direction of Andreas Hofner and Marcel Barsotti – Egschiglen Ensemble, Sandro Friedrich, Sandro Hussel, Enrique Ugarte, Raoul Alvarellos, Seref Dalyanoglu, Fabian RÅ‘mer, Tom Hake and many more.

ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL, along with the new Kontakt 2 Player, are entering a new dimension with their progressive programming: with EW4 it is now possible for the first time to transpose all instruments and playing styles into any chosen key using the Kontakt Elastic Audio Engine “Time Machine 2”. All drum and percussion loops can be played in all tempi with the Time Machine II and each individual loop is completely free to be programmed in all parameters. Using the Sample Start Offset it is possible to select the point when a lick starts playing. A Legato Modus is now available for solo instruments – very effective for instance with woodwind. With the Humanize Modus each new note can be given a slightly altered timbre. Microtuning makes possible the greatest diversity of ethnic tunings and tone scales.

With ETHNO WORLD 4 PROFESSIONAL it is now possible to program in an entire orchestra.

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