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Wavefront Refill

WaveFront ReFill
BitWorld WaveFront ReFill

From the producer of Sonic Data Volume One and Prosamples Platinum: Vapor Virtual Synthesizer comes WAVEFRONT for ReasonĀ® in the ReFill format.

WAVEFRONT is a collection of just over 4.5 gigabytes of waveforms created by Engineer, Sound Designer, and Producer Marc Van Bork in the Reason ReFill format. Everything from multi-sampled analog and digital style waveforms, pads, choirs, strings, textures, ambience, and field recordings to electronic drums, metallic impacts, and mangled sounds have been carefully captured at high resolution (24/96) for processing and down-sampled to 16 bit - 44.1khz to provide a very clean and flexible database of raw material.

As an additional benefit all sounds are mapped with careful programming of velocity sensitive patches along with expressive modulation wheel settings for the NN-19 and sorted by category for an easy starting point for further manipulation in Reason v3 via the Combinator or any other available means. While NN-19 patches are provided for further experimentation and can be considered the core of this library, the true soul of WAVEFRONT is in the Combinator patches which provide timbral complexity and expressiveness that you will not find anywhere else. Utilizing the modulation wheel in any patch will provide subtle to drastic emotional and / or rhythmic changes to accent your sequences and performances. Emotions will be evoked.

Included are patches for the the NN-19, NN-XT, Combinator, and ReDrum in the following categories:

NN-19: Pad, Lead, Bass, Blip, and Noise.
NN-XT: Modulations
Combinator: Pad, Lead, Bass, Keys, Blip, Ambient, Noise, Experimental, and Hits.
ReDrum: Various kits from analog to organic impacts and effects.

Nearly every form of synthesis currently known, and some yet to be revealed, have been used to create this massive and diverse collection of waveforms. A vast array of hardware and software has been utilized to create content and quality that is intended to inspire new ideas and bring life to current and old productions. As a patch programming resource the possibilities are nearly inexhaustible. Convenient starting points are already mapped as fully programmed and detailed NN-19 patches. As an inspirational tool, WAVEFRONT offers a current total of 2,222 pre-programmed patches that match or exceed what you would expect from workstations of current day.

Experimentation and customization is encouraged, but if you don't have the time or interest in designing your own patches, there are several thousand patches included and they are ready to keep your music productions flowing ahead. It will be easy to imagine using these sounds in any style of music production from the traditional to the experimental, much like what you can find with many modern workstation keyboards for many times the price. The idea is to give the user variety and flexibility so that producers and musicians alike can find inspiration in a database of nearly endless possibilities. Acoustic instruments are not what this ReFill is about and you will not find horns, pianos, guitars, or singers in this library, however, that does not mean you cannot make something or find something that fits into any musical style. Listen to some of the audio demos at the top of the page and decide for yourself.

WAVEFRONT is a massive refill with a current total of 2,222 patches and 3.2 gigabytes of data compressed. Please view the side bar for a break down of the categories.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy WaveFront ReFill or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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