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Kazhawanna Drumcore Refill

Kazhawanna drumCORE Refill
4075 drum samples, 401 drum kits, 300 RSS files

What is Kazhawanna drumCORE?
Kazhawanna drumCORE is a unique combination of drum samples and scalable drum sequences, all nicely packaged in a ReFill for Reason users. The drumCORE is geared towards musicians of all genres and contains an astonishing array of drum sounds and drum sequences for use in your productions. All samples and sequences were hand crafted by professional musicians in Los Angeles and categorized for easy access.

Why is it called drumCORE?
Our technologies allow for the CORE to be expanded by secondary refills called "Xpansions", thus increasing the value of the CORE refill over time. We are currently developing many Xpansions for the Kazhawanna drumCORE, which should be released shortly.

What Reason formats are supported?
Kazhawanna drumCORE contains 300 drum kits for the Redrum Drum Computer, 50 drum kits for the NN-19 Digital Sampler, and 51 drum kits for the NN-XT Advanced Sampler. All samples are 44.1kHz stereo AIFF files, so they can be loaded into any current or upcoming devices that support AIFF.

What else does the drumCORE offer?
The drumCORE also offers 300 RSS files for you to use in your own music production. Great for getting the creative ball rolling. Discover RSS.

What genres are the RSS files?
We chose genres that can go several directions and be utilized in several different types of music. Ambient, Breaks, DnB, Jungle, DUB, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Industrial, Rock, Pop, Techno, and Trip Hop are all covered but not exclusive to that specific genre.

Does it ever end?
Since the Kazhawanna drumCORE has so many independent drum samples there is plenty of room to mix and match to create your own drum combinations. There are way more drum samples contained in this ReFill than there are drum kits, so explore and create your own perfect drum patches.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Kazhawanna drumCORE Refill or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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