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Sounds From Hell - Ambience and Underscore
Red Room Audio Sounds From Hell Ambience and UnderscoreOver 16 GB of underworldly, textural melodic content from 10 twisted designers in 4 categories – Drones, Pads, Pulses and Soundscapes. Housed...
Synthetic Serum Collection Vol.2
Synthetic's Serum Collection Vol. 2 contains over 3500+ presets  that I use to make my crazy melodies! You'll receive all the banks I've made from January 2021 to June 2021 + a crazy amount...
Dark Intervals Deep Blue
DEEP BLUE is an instrument based on lush and ambient sounding pads, clusters and prerecorded sequences.DEEP BLUE is created having in mind composers who seek ambient sound, with a touch of tension, but...
Tags: Ambient
Splice Beatmaker v1.0
Splice Beatmaker v1.019-May-2022New
When it comes to drums, the importance of ‘feel’ can’t be overstated.Whether it’s a pumping house beat or an understated jazz groove, drums often serve as the foundation that ties our music together.
Splice Astra v1.0
Splice Astra v1.018-May-2022New
A long time in the making, Astra is a versatile software synth capable of achieving a wide range of unique tones.When we set out to create this instrument back in 2018, we wanted to provide the widest...
Cymatics Space v1.0.1
Cymatics Space v1.0.117-May-2022New
What exactly is Space?Space includes tons of unique features to completely customize your reverb. This plugin looks pretty simple, but in reality, it’s a complete powerhouse for adding depth to your mix.
Tags: Reverb
Audiomodern Chordjam v1.0
The Ultimate Chord MachineCreative real-time compositional assistant for Mac, PC and iPadWhat is Chordjam?Chordjam is an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomization.
Bitley Sounds Way Beyond Fairlight
Way beyond fairlight (release 2) contains over 4,000 excellent patches and is compatible with reason version 9 and up. the library is built using our own samples of a number of very classic instruments.
weyrerTon Tyrolean Harp v1.1
With this harp kontakt library we captured a relatively unheard instrument. The Tyrolean Harp produces a colorful range of emotions. From beautiful and soft to harsh and brutal.All wrapped up in this one harp vst.
Sonixinema Saxophone Explorations v1.0
Saxophone Explorations is a unique sample library for Kontakt Player. Featuring abstract and aleatoric saxophone textures combined with a custom modular effects rig performed by virtuoso saxophonist and artist.
Native Instruments Expansion Bumpin Flava
ESSENTIAL GARAGE SELECTIONS A fresh twist on the classic sounds of UK Garage Vibey hooks and soulful samples meet shuffling snares and groovy basslines 53 MASCHINE kits, 58 BATTERY kits, and 1000+ loops...
Native Instruments Expansion Sacred Futures
MODERN HIP HOP MAJESTY A brand-new twist on golden-age sounds for hip hop and trap Bold, forward-looking beats, clean textures, and uplifting hooks 50 MASCHINE kits and 61 BATTERY kits, plus 5 MASSIVE presets.
Tags: Hip-hop
Soniccouture All Saints Choir
32 VOICE CHAMBER CHOIRA LEGENDARY ACOUSTICAll Saints Church, Tooting - a rich, clear acoustic that has graced recordings by Decca, Sony, and Deutsche Grammophon.In collaboration with The New London Chamber Choir.
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v8.0
The vanguard of spectral editing and repairSpectraLayers delivers audio empowerment by showing sounds as visual objects. You can explore, reach in, take and transform, working wonders on tasks ranging...
Ghosthack Skyrealm
Ghosthack Skyrealm08-May-2022New
The Perfect Fusion of Sounds for Filmmakers and Music ProducersExpand Your Collection With 17.5 GB of Samples, Vocals and Construction Kits!Versatile Cinematic Vocals - From Viking to EtherealSkyrealm...
Splice Sessions West African Voices
Recorded at Laboutique Studios Dakar, Senegalese singers Tidiane Batjily and Marietou Kouyate laid down improvised vocals in the style of Malian traditional folk (of the country Mali), mbalax, and Afrobeat.
Native Instruments West Africa v1.4.1
POLYRHYTHMIC PERCUSSION AND MELODIES 26 percussion and 8 tonal instruments 3 GB uncompressed samples 74 pre-programmed ensemble patternsFOCUS ON RHYTHMSPOTLIGHT COLLECTION: WEST AFRICA features a collection...
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection East Asia v1.0
AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS 38 melodic and percussive instruments from China, Japan, and Korea, played by renowned performers Unique timbres, rhythms and scales, meticulously recorded and captured...
Stingray Instruments Granular Dreams for Omnisphere 2
Granular Dreams is a collection of 120 presets with 86 double dipped granular sound-sources.The theme of the sound-set is rooted in an imaginary cinematic sci fi world full of warm analogue synth sounds.
Cymatics Mantra Vintage and RnB Melody
Mantra is a brand new melody collection inspired by our vintage project, Zodiac.You’ll find tons of samples inside, written and processed using our team’s collection of analog gear.These melodies...
Audio Ollie Nashville Scoring Strings
About Nashville Scoring StringsFeaturing Nashville’s finest string players at Ocean Way Studios -- a world class scoring environment -- we dedicated over two years to capturing the expressive performances...
Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling Pianos
TWO BEAUTIFUL YAMAHA PIANOS Kirk Hunter's own Yamaha G5 for a clear, pristine, yet powerful sound. Michael Lehmann-Boddicker's Yamaha C7 engineered by Michael himself, and played by Kirk. This...
Keepforest Evolution Devastator Warzone [WAV + Kontakt]
Evolution: Devastator Warzone is the third chapter of the newest addition to the Evolution Devastator Series which has established itself in the world of professional composers and sound designers.Evolution:...
Native Instruments Cremona Quartet v1.0.1 [22 DVD]
EXQUISITE STRINGS COLLECTIONCREMONA QUARTET brings together four of the world’s most valuable string instruments. Featuring phase-aligned stereo samples and performance-captured vibrato, plus extensive...
Tags: Strings
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