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Samplitude 10

Samplitude 10

Magix Samplitude 10

Samplitude is one of the most successful solutions for audio and MIDI recording, editing and mastering for PC. The new version offers you many innovations based on the Hybrid Audio Engine, and changes have been made consistently to the internal audio effects section. The improved track, object and master automation provides you with different automation modes as well as an automation controller in the track editor. Now you have the possibility to use sidechaining for calculating internal control signals in advanced dynamics, too.

New and improved mastering effects, the Cleaning & Restoration Suite for Samplitude Master, overview mode, new range handling, MAGIX "am-munition" plug-in for Samplitude Pro, Elastic Audio Easy for Samplitude, Audio quantization, routing manager, new symbol bars with skin handling as well as MIDI / VST(i) improvements round off the functionality of the new versions. In addition to that, you can continue to count on the performance features of Sampitude - sound neutrality and excellent cutting and editing functions, perfect CD/DVD mastering as well as flexible customization to individual Workflows. Samplitude 10 is available in three versions: Samplitude, Samplitude Master and Samplitude Pro.

Complete solution

Samplitude offers everything that a digital audio work station requires: Recording, mixing, editing mastering - in fact everything up to and including the burning of manufactured Red Book-compatible audio CDs/DVDs. You can of course also carry out DVD productions in the standard 24 bit with up to 384 kHz. The feature set allows a complete in-the-box-work, from composing and editing with MIDI using Matrix Editor, Listen Editor, Drum Editor, Score Editor and VSTi up to the final CD/DVD in one software:

- Low-Latency-Audio-Engine,
- VST*- and DirectX-Plugins
- Full range of MIDI Editors: Matrix Editor, Listen Editor, Drum Editor, Score Editor
- automatic latency compensation in the complete signal flow,
- external remote control
- realtime room simulator with convolution

Unique Object-oriented Editing

As an enhancement to the traditional concept of mixer-supported editing of complete tracks, all versions offer countless possibilities for direct real-time sample editing. Recorded audio tracks can thus be cut into as many objects as you wish. Every object can be edited with individual fades and effects, such as Equalizer, Timestretching, Pitchshifting or plugins. Samplitude also offers Aux-Sends on the object level, the well-known linearphase mastering effects, and a widely variable signal flow.
First Class Effect Settups
From mixing to mastering, all production needs are met: Award-winning equalizers, various dynamic processors, Timestretching, Pitchshifting, Reverb and Delay, plus the high-end mastering effects: Multi-tape compressor, Multi-band stereo enhancer, FFT filter, Amp Simulator, Vocoder, room simulator with folding principle, Denoiser (utilizing the noiseprint method) and Dehisser for real-time noise reduction. Besides routing possibilities for all effects that allow a freely configurable signal flow, these possibilities are not only available to the object level, but also in each mixer channel. Further features: improved solo effects, unlimited routable busses and Aux-send busses, VST and DirectX plugin support, flexible routing of all integrated and plugin object effects and mixer channel effects.

Burning CDs/DVDs

Red Book-compatible audio CDs can be burnt on-the-fly from the arrangement, without having to take any destructive intermediary steps. Furthermore, you can create audio DVDs, DVD-Rom backups and even MP3 CDs quickly and conveniently. The continuously updated support makes sure that even the latest models burn perfectly with Samplitude.


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You may buy Samplitude 10 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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