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Fruity Loops Studio V5.0.0 Xxl Producer Edition [full Version]

Fruity Loops Studio v5.0.0 XXL Producer Edition [Full version]

ImageLine FL Studio v5.0.0 XXL Producer Edition [Full version]

FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. You will be creating wav, mp3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching it.

* Internal 32 bit floating point mixing, up to 96kHz stereo.
* Supports DirectSound and ASIO enabled sound cards for audio output.
* Ability to function as a VSTi, DXi and a ReWire client.
* Ability to host ReWire clients itself.
* Realtime linear interpolation & sophisticated interpolation algorithms at rendering time.
* Open architecture allowing third-party instruments (enhanced proprietary FL instruments standard, VSTi and DXi2) and effects (enhanced proprietary FL effects standard, VST, VST2 and DirectX).
* A full set of high-precision mastering and special effects filters: reverb, compressor, procedural equalizer, distortion, phaser, flanger, bass boost, delay line and other.
* Advanced sequencing methods allowing quick entering of realistic drum loops (step sequencing grid) and composing complex instrumentals (advanced piano roll, arpeggiator, keyboard tracking, real-time gate).
* Unique note properties morphing ability (pitch, cutoff, resonance, panning).
* Advanced mixer: 68 mixer tracks (64 insert and 4 send tracks) supporting up to 8 filters each; mixer tracks rerouting for creating of complex mixer chains; track recording with ASIO input support (for recording MIDI, vocals etc.); integrated procedural equalizer, volume and panning for each mixer track.
* Integrated instruments: Sampler, TS404 (the popular bassline engine), 3xOSC (subsynth), Plucked! (plucked strings), MIDI Out, DX10 (FM synth), Scratcher (turntable emulator), WaveTraveller (wave bend synth), Wasp (demo), SimSynth Live (demo), and more.
* Advanced playlist & full-featured audio tracks.
* Live recording of control movements & integrated automation events editor.
* Easy MIDI remote controlling of most parameters (VST plugins supported as well).
* Procedural control over parameters by using special controller plugins.
* Click removal & volume ramping to avoid pops.
* Imports *.WAV, *.SYN (SimSynth 1 & 2), *.DS (DrumSynth) files, with effects applied.
* Imports MIDI sequences and controller events.
* Exports audio to 16Bit or 32Bit *.WAV file, *.MP3.
* Can export MIDI notes & controller events to a standard MIDI file.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Fruity Loops Studio v5.0.0 XXL Producer Edition [Full version] or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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