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Logic Studio 8 [2 Dvd]

$32.50 $19.95
Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD]

Apple Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD][Cracked and 100% Working]

Includes LOGIC PRO 8 [Cracked and 100% Working]

For the install you will need OSX 10.4.9, Quicktime 7.2

Logic Pro 8 is the center of Logic Studio, featuring a redesigned interface that makes it easier than ever to write, record, edit, and mix your music.

New in Logic Pro 8:

Single-Window Design

The Arrange window in Logic Pro 8 consolidates production activities in a single, elegantly-designed workspace. You can record multiple takes; cut, move, or stretch audio with sample accuracy; browse channel strip settings; audition Apple Loops; and drop chords onto your lead sheet—all from one central space, without managing multiple windows.

Simplified Setup

Production-ready templates, a streamlined track setup window, and dynamic channel strip creation get you up and running fast. Improved ReWire support provides easy integration with other music applications.

Effortless multitake recording

Region-based take management speeds up multitake recording, editing, and processing. An expandable take folder makes it simple to recall overdubs, and entire take folders can be moved and edited like regions.

New audio editing tools

Work faster and with greater precision using powerful new features like snap-to-transient selection, graphical time stretching, and sample-accurate editing in the Arrange window.

Surround mixing and processing

Logic Pro 8 allows for end-to-end surround production with multichannel tracks and busses. True Surround and multi-mono support lets you use any surround, stereo or mono plug-ins within any surround project.

Portable preferences

Save your key commands, channel strip settings and plug-in settings to your .Mac account for easy backup, sharing, and portability.

XSKey-free operation

A simple serial number replaces the USB dongle and lets you make music without the hassle of extraneous hardware

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