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Logic Pro 9.1 Update

Logic Pro 9.1 Update

Apple Logic Pro 9.1 Update + serial

About the Logic Pro 9.1 update

This update improves overall stability, provides numerous fixes and enhancements, and is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9. Running Logic Pro 9.1 in 64-bit mode requires  Mac OS X v10.6.2 Snow Leopard, or later.

Some issues addressed in this update include but are not limited to: 

  • Clicking the toolbar in Text Only view no longer resets the toolbar to Icon and Text.
  • An issue that leads to automation data being copied incorrectly when a region was copied to a position adjacent to an existing region is resolved.
  • The Contiguous Zones setting when loading samples into EXS24 now works as expected.
  • The "Flatten", "Unpack", and "Unpack to New Tracks" key commands now work correctly for MIDI take folders.
  • SMPTE locked regions are now placed correctly when imported into a project that has a different SMPTE start time than the project in which they were created.
  • Double-clicking the position of a marker in the Marker List no longer causes it to unexpectedly shift position when the project start is earlier than 1 1 1 1.
  • The key command "Show/Hide All Regions" in the Audio Bin now works correctly.
  • It is now possible to dither when the Sample Rate is set to "Original sample rate" when using "Copy/Convert Files" in the Audio Bin.
  • An issue where some key commands did not work when certain Audio Unit plug-in windows were in the foreground is resolved.
  • Newly recordedTake folders are now always open when recording on a single track.
  • Logic no longer stops responding when Repeat Section is used twice.
  • An issue in which Logic quit unexpectedly if Complex was enabled in the Track Inspector on a track assigned to a Group (with Groups disabled) is resolved.
  • An issue in which an alert message sometimes appeared if the playhead was moved prior to using Beats From Region in the Beat Mapping track is resolved.
  • An issue in which Logic might quit unexpectedly when writing automation from a plug-in GUI while in Touch mode if Automation View mode was active is resolved.
  • Undo now works correctly after deleting a region with Shuffle Left mode enabled.
  • An issue in which "Slice at Transient Markers" only worked if Flex mode was enabled, disabled, and then enabled again is resolved.
  • Replace mode recording no longer intermittently removes the entire second region when punching in over portions of two adjacent regions.
  • "Drum Replacement/Doubling" no longer sometimes leads to "Out of Memory" alerts.
  • It is now posssible to drag and drop presets from the Finder onto the Pianoteq Audio Unit plug-in GUI.
  • An issue where some Audio Unit plug-in GUIs would incorrectly separate from the Logic plug-in HUD after using File operations from the Audio Unit GUI is resolved.
  • "Attack and Resonance" automation for the ES2 is now copied correctly when copying regions.
  • Creating four automation nodes with Shift-Option-Control and rubberband selection now properly leaves the middle 2 nodes selected.
  • Using Repeat Section in projects where the start position is earlier than 1 1 1 1 no longer sometimes moves automation nodes.
  • Chase of automation now works reliably in projects and templates created by older versions of Logic.
  • Automation written over existing automation on grouped tracks using a control surface is now plays back as expected.
  • Save now works correctly when saving Logic 7 projects with the same name and path.
  • Assigning a send to a new bus with Logic Control now creates a new Aux channel strip as expected.
  • The jog wheel on Euphonix MC Control now works as expected in scrub mode.
  • The EuCon control surface scribble strip now shows values when moving a fader with EuCon version 2 software.
  • Logic now correctly recognizes the virtual HUI MIDI ports when using Novation's Automap feature.
  • The Control Surface Setup window now only lists devices for which MIDI plug-ins are installed.
  • Crescendo operations in the Transform window now correctly account for region position.
  • The Adaptive Limiter plug-in no longer makes unexpected noises when the Mode setting is toggled between OptFit and NoOver during playback.
  • Latch mode automation now behaves correctly when Link is active for the Plug-in GUI and automation view is enabled in the Arrange window..
  • The Q-reference button now disappears as expected when a track is removed from a phase-locked automation group.
  • An issue where there were sometimes short audio dropouts when quantizing audio in Slicing mode is resolved.
  • Flattening Take Folders on grouped tracks no longer converts quantize markers to Flex markers.
  • It is now possible to create a marker less than a beat away from an existing marker with the "Create Marker without rounding" key command.
  • The Hide All Regions key command now works as expected in the Audio Bin.
  • Nudge key commands now work as expected in the Signature List.
  • The "Zoom to Fit All Contents" and Zoom to Fit Selection" key commands now work properly in the Piano Roll.
  • There is now a key command to set the Flex tool.
  • Selecting EXS instruments with a period in the name no longer causes the Library to jump to the top level.
  • Deselecting items now consistently works as expected in the Audio Window.
  • The File Browser no longer displays hidden Unix folders.
  • The file selector now correctly defaults to the Audio folder in the current Project folder when attempting to locate missing audio files.
  • The Audio Bin now correctly shows the entire path for audio files in projects with long names.
  • Logic no longer quits unexpectedly when dither is applied when using Copy/Convert to change 5.1 channel AIFF files to CAF.
  • Japanese characters now display correctly in plug-in title bars.
  • Drag and drop from plug-in GUIs now works as expected.
  • Dialog sheets are no longer intermittently hidden by plug-in GUIs.
  • The Sample Editor now correctly links to new files created by the "Convert Regions to New Audio Files" command in the Arrange window.
  • Insert Multiple now works as expected in the Score window when the Pencil tool is used as the Command key tool.
  • An issue in which take lanes would rarely not show active comps is resolved.
  • Issues in which dividing and copying grouped tracks with Take folders caused regions to be incorrectly shortened and grouping to be lost in some limited circumstances is resolved.
  • Rubberband selection of Takes on grouped tracks now works correctly.
  • Track import now works correctly when importing multi-timbral channel strips.
  • Importing tracks with the Content box unchecked no longer creates empty regions when the source tracks contain Take folders.
  • Importing tracks with Content enabled no longer creates duplicate channel strips for each take lane in the source project.
  • Outputs for Bus channel strips imported with routings from Logic 7 projects are now assigned to Stereo instead of having no output destination.
  • Importing Bus channel strips with routings from Logic 7 projects no longer creates duplicate Bus channel strips.
  • Recalling a screen set no longer reduces the size of the Arrange window if the tool bar is set to display "Icon only" or "Text only."
  • The contextual menu in the the Sculpture plug-in's Morph Pad now works correctly.
  • The contextual menu for String Animation in the Sculpture plug-in now works correctly.
  • An issue in which the Compare button needed a second click to be disabled with some GarageBand synthesizer plug-ins is resolved.
  • An issue in which the Compare button stopped working with some GarageBand synthesizers after it was enabled and disabled more than once is resolved. 
  • An issue that sometimes caused Logic to quit unexpectedly when adjusting parameters in Sonnox Oxford plug-ins is resolved.


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You may buy Logic Pro 9.1 Update or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 February, 2010.
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