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Olson Audio Synthetic Instruments Library for Kontakt

Olson Audio Synthetic Instruments Library for KONTAKT

Synthetic Instruments (SI-KTK) is a CD-ROM library with 43 waveform sets and more then 250 individual synthesizer instruments. SI-KTK will work in Kontakt version 1.2 and up. SI-KTK's instruments are true subtractive synthesizer programs, taking advantage of Kontakt's synthesizer engine, filters and modulation capabilities. Carefully prepared and unfiltered audio spectrums has been programmed and sampled, using an Analogue Systems 5-VCO modular and a Waldorf Microwave XT. The instruments were made by combining the audio data with parameter and filter tweaking - inside Kontakt.

To form the instrument sounds and characteristics, Kontakt's filters, modulation routings are extensively utilized. Key velocity, pressure and modulation wheel are programmed for huge articulations. Amp and filter ENV parameters, controlled by key velocity, increases the sense of physical instrument behavior and feel..

The instruments are named by their sample set labels plus an indication of their styles - Bass, kbd, ld and pad. A wide mix of warm analogue style and ice cold digital modes. Evolving sounds, oscillator syncs, deep spacious pads, synth basses, detuned VCO patches with extreme saturation. But also chord friendly, thin and discreet instruments, suitable for piano style playing.


o True subtractive synthesis
o More than 250 patches
o 43 sample sets
o Huge articulations and instrument feel
o VCO audio data from Analogue Systems modular synthesizer
o Digital mode audio from Waldorf's Microwave II series
o Sound shaping utilizing Kontakt's synthesizer engine & filters
o Audio, carefully looped in natural sound cycles
o Evolving and static unfiltered spectrums


You may buy Olson Audio Synthetic Instruments Library for KONTAKT or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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