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Big Fish Audio Fuse [2 Dvd]

Big Fish Audio FUSE [2 DVD]

VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE [2 DVD] [Kontakt]

Blend modern sounds with this unique dual layer virtual Instrument.


FUSE is a never-before-seen synth workstation that combines the power of incredible multi-sampled instruments, a dual engine interface, and limitless sound design capabilities. FUSE conceptually has never been done on the Kontakt platform, making it a must-have in your collection. The features and concepts were developed by the elite team of sound designers at VIP Loops, developers of the critically-acclaimed SWAGG instrument. FUSE has two separate synth engines, and gives you the ability to access all of the instrument's sound instantly from two front panel drop-downs, one on each engine. Choose a single or dual-layer sound, and FUSE the two together with the large fusion knob to create something that sounds spectacular! FUSE is the optimal instrument for music production of all genres, performance, and sound design.


VIP Loops’ instrument design philosophy is simple: the sounds should be incredible, the instrument should be easy to use, an it should be efficient, saving you valuable time in the production or mixing/mastering process.

FUSE has an incredible palette of effects including EQ, compression, delay, reverb, tape saturation, limiter, ADSR, Lo-Fi, drive/damp, transient sound shaper, modulation FX, LFO, and six different types of filters! We give you two different ways to use these powerful FX:

1. Quick Strike FX - Introduced by VIP Loops in the critically acclaimed SWAGG virtual instrument, FUSE’s Quick Strike FX allows you to push a button or turn a knob, and instantly engage a ridiculously good sounding effect preset designed to accurately represent the spirit of the effect you choose to use.

2. Tweak Heads - Would you like to dig deeper, sculpt, and develop your own sound in FUSE? No problem! On the front of FUSE’s interface you can click the Pro tab that allows you to adjust the envelope ADSR, which includes selections for amp, pitch and filter, and amount. Also, FUSE’s LFO section offers you a powerful LFO with five different options. The LFO includes selections for pan, filter, pitch, sync, rate, fade, and amount! Next you have a tune and pan knob, and a dropdown for six different filter types! You can also develop incredible risers, drops, and unique stuttas with these features. FUSE also includes an incredible sounding glide, with mono and poly selections and a powerful arpeggiator that include six different arp modes which will allow you to create some truly unique arp patterns.

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