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Native Instruments Kore V 1.1

Native Instruments Kore v 1.1
Native Instruments Kore v 1.1 [VST / DX / RTAS]

As the world's first Universal Sound Platform and performance environment for studio producers and live musicians, KORE integrates all your software instruments and effects into a single, uniform interface. KORE gives you total control of your sound and instant, hands-on access with a real analog feel.

With the KORE 1.1 Update the Universal Sound Platform becomes even more powerful: The new SingleSound format, unique MultiSounds and the Prelisten function give you even more creative freedom. In addition, the KORE software can now be used without the KORE controller connected.

New features at a glance:

* Support for the new SingleSound format
* 55 superb new MultiSounds utilizing BATTERY 3, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4 and FM8
* Prelisten functionality, making the search for the right sound easier and faster, without requiring the reloading of the plug in if its already open
* External MIDI sync implemented
* KORE software can be used independently of the KORE hardware controller

New features in detail:

New KORE SingleSounds

KORE 1.1 is now fully compatible with MASSIVE, FM8 and ABSYNTH 4, so you can load the KoreSounds of these instruments immediately into KORE. This is guaranteed by the new SingleSound format, featured in MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4, FM8 and BATTERY 3. SingleSounds are sounds produced with one instrument, formatted for ease-of-use in the original instrument as well as KORE. SingleSounds further unify the KoreSound format across the range of Native Instrument products.

Advantages of the SingleSound format at a glance:

* Unification of the KoreSound format for all new products by Native Instruments; SingleSounds can be loaded by KORE and the respective instrument, like MASSIVE.
* Merging of sounds in the Sound Mixer is easy (not possible with MultiSounds), using the new Add mode.
* Fast switching between SingleSounds if the plug-in is already opened. This is especially handy in the new "Prelisten mode".

New MultiSounds

55 new MultiSounds featuring combinations of MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4, FM8 and BATTERY 3 are included.* The sound design team has meticulously crafted a wide range of breathtaking sounds by combining multiple instruments, adding layers, keyboard splits, advanced routings or by integrating MIDI files. The results are unique, out-of-this-world MultiSounds accessed by only one click. With this update the number of MultiSounds now reaches 265.

*These plugins must be installed to take advantage of the new MultiSounds One MultiSound created with MASSIVE, FM8, BATTERY 3, ABSYNTH 4 and several send/insert/group effects

Pre-listen functionality

The new Prelisten function makes it even easier to find the right sounds fast. Audition any sound from the browser with one click. Depending on the instrument, or the number of instruments, the response time can vary. The feature is especially suited for fast pre-listening of SingleSounds.

Additional Features

* External Sync has been implemented to synchronize KORE to any external MIDI clock.
* KORE software now functions without the hardware controller, allowing you even more flexibility and mobility.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Native Instruments Kore v 1.1 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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