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Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase Sx

Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase SX

Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase SX

This tutorial teaches how to create commercial trance music with Cubase SX.

The Secrets Of Dance Music Production Revealed

Trance Composition and Arrangement

From song conception and composition to instrumentation and arrangement, down to the ins and outs of breakdowns, fill-ins and mix-outs, you’ll walk through each step, up close and personal.

Mixing and Production In The Box

You’ll discover the finer points of mixing and production “in the box.” From the basics like instrument and vocal levels and on through to the mastering process, every phase of the process is described in deep detail, so you don’t miss a thing.

Signal Processing Techniques

Since The Trance Experience is an OpenMix™ interactive course, that means you get all of Torsten’s original session files. You’ll see each and every one of the effect settings used to create the tracks. Tweak them gently, take them to extremes or use them “as is” on your own productions!

Adventures in Sound Design

Want to know how to create a kick drum from a sine wave? Curious about FM synthesis? Or why this string part goes with that guitar pattern? You’ll get the information you need in a way that makes perfect sense to beginners as well as seasoned veterans.

Get Into the Loop

Get the lowdown on loops: Slicing, dicing, or mangling –find out how and then experiment in actual musical settings.

Sessions in Three Styles: Vocal Trance, Remix, and Chillout

Since electronic music has so many different categories and sub-genres, you’ll get an expansive overview of all the leading Trance styles---not to mention practical hands-on experience using three popular genres: Vocal Trance, Remix, and Chillout.

Sounds and Samples for You to Use

As an extra-added bonus, we’ve included a selection of original copyright-cleared, royalty-free sounds and samples for you to use in your own music. Think of it as a way to virtually collaborate with the author, DJ Torsten Fassbender.


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