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Adsr Future House Production Course

ADSR Future House Production Course

ADSR Future House Production Course [DVD / Tutorial]

Learn How To Make A Future House Track With Skills You Can Use For Deep House, Bass House & Even EDM.

Are you keen to start producing your own Future House, Deep House and Bass House tracks? Know your way around the software but having trouble getting a full track up to scratch? This Future House Production Course covers each and every aspect of the production process from the first beat to the final tweak of the mix.

Lift the lid on the production process, and get pro tips and techniques for turning those half finished ideas into finished tracks ready for the floor.

ADSR Future House Production Screen


What You’ll Learn In This Course

Learn exactly how to put a House track together from start to finish. Regardless of the specific genre of electronic music you’re working in, you’ll find plenty of educational and inspirational gems in each and every video.

Split into 14 in-depth videos that cover everything from setting up a house beat and laying some hooks on top of it; building out the initial loop to create some killer transitions; and working with vocal loops; all the way through to the mix down process, bus mix, final mix and mastering reference.

As you walkthrough the entire process you’ll be seeing each and every patch created from scratch, create customized FX and work through the kind of mix and production issues that crop up in real life.

What’s Included In This Future House Production Course

  • Over 150 minutes of instruction plus Every MIDI file and Massive synth patch used is included in the course content. In total the course includes:

14 instructional videos making up 4 core modules

  • Laying down the groove
  • Building out the track
  • Arrangement, Automation and FX
  • The Mix

18 royalty-free Massive & MIDI files so you can follow along with ease.


With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British sound designer and music producer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts leaving you with a deeper understanding of the production process.

Drawing on years of experience as both producer and tutor, he’s able to demonstrate using appropriate examples and insights so that you come away from the course with both actionable production skills and plenty of inspiration for your own audio projects.

Module 1: Laying down the groove

We get started on the track by creating an infectious groove – In this module you’ll learn how to set up a classic house drum pattern and bass hook in Maschine then move on to adding a sweet, complementary sub and compose a killer lead.

Video 1: Introduction to the course
Video 2 – Drums
Video 3 – Bass Hook
Video 4 – The Sub
Video 5 – The Lead

Module 2: Building out the track

In Module 2 you’ll be fully immersed in composition creating transitional sections and pads, designing additional drums, working on your routing and producing a nice vocal loop for your future house track.

Video 6 – Transitional Sections & Pad Sound
Video 7 – Drum production, Routing
Video 8 – Vox Loop


Every pro has a coach. Our videos allow you to get professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio.

There is literally so much valuable information packed into every one of these 14 videos that it’s just as well you’re able to play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and add the new skills to your existing chops.

Hey brother,
I just finished your future house production course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from your work flow. I’ve been doing this a REALLY long time, but have barely finished/released anything. This course really helped me to keep it simple and not overthink the writing process. I basically wrote a track because of your course!


Module 3: Arrangement, Automation and FX

Now that we’ve got all the fundamentals in our DAW it’s tie to start fine tuning the arrangement. In Module 3 you’ll watch and learn how get started on the rough arrangement, create automations and fills and design your own tidy custom FX.

Video 9 – Rough Arrangement
Video 10 – Automations & Extra Fills
Video 11 – FX

Module 4: The Mix

The final module in this course takes you from the rough mix right through to polishing your track ready for professional mastering. Featuring lots of tips and tricks you can even use to get any other half finished up to scratch and onto the club floor.

Video 12 – Rough Mix
Video 13 – Bus Mix
Video 14 – Final Mix Mastering Reference


Future house is all about pushing the envelope on the house genre, adding new elements to the familiar to create a fresh forward sound. It takes inspiration from deep house, bass house and garage and fuses them together to create a sound that’s less about ‘genre’ as it is about experimentation and generating something original and innovative.
This course teaches you all the fundamental skills you’ll need to take that characteristic four-to-the-floor beat and create a track that will captivate listeners to obsession.
At the same time, while the walkthrough is geared towards future house, deep house and bass house music, the skills learned can be applied to many other genres of electronic music.

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