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Sound Cube Vol. 07 - Crash Boom Zap!

Sound Cube vol. 07 - Crash Boom Zap!
Sound Cube offers more price shattering sounds for use in Multimedia and Music! Drumloops, Saxophone Riffs, Synths, Dance Vocals, Orchestral Sounds, Ethnic Sounds, Sci-fi Sounds & FX etc, etc. All Sounds are 100% Licence Free!!

Vol.1 - Dance Instruments - Sax riffs, Guitars, Organ riffs, Drum machines, Synth bass, Percussion & drum grooves, Hits, Vocal hooks, rap....
Vol.2 - Orchestra & Classic - Short orchestral passages and Classical choirs, Tuttis, Falls, Swells, Moving atmospheres, Finales, Voice FX, Rhythms, Strings, Brass, Percussion played by Moscow Symphony Orchestra.
Vol.3 - Voice Spectral - Dance Vocal Hooks & Phrases, Gospel Choir, Screams, Shouts & Electronic voices.
Vol.4 - World FX 1 - Games, Sports, Applause, Phones, Slot-machines, Bells, Doors.. you name it!
Vol.5 - World FX 2 - Machines, Robots, Computers, Helicopters, Trains, Cars, Horns, Crashes etc.
Vol.6 - World FX 3 - Wild & domestic animals, Atmos, Thunder, Storm, Splashes, Surf, Waterfall...
Vol.7 - Crash Boom Zap! - Laser guns, Scratches, Footsteps, Laughter, Bleeps & Bubbles, fantastic space sounds.
Vol.8 - Soundtracks - Musical sequences, Space engines, & more Galactic backgrounds for multimedia (up to 30 seconds).
Vol.9 - Ethnic Journey - Exotic rituals, Rhythms & voices from Asia, Africa, Australia, South & Eastern Europe.
Vol.10 - Rave FX - Breakbeats & drumloops, Synth basses, Drums, Analogue sequences & Synth FX, from 120 to 160 beats per minute.

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You may buy Sound Cube vol. 07 - Crash Boom Zap! or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 17 May, 2009.


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