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Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler

Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler
The Definitive Analog Sampler is the first, analog sampling CD you should purchase. Legacy contains an immense collection of vintage synthesizers spanning the years 1972 to 1982. This 680MB CD has 187 multi-sample programs sampled at C and F in every octave of the keyboard and 370 percussion samples from 19 different synthesizers. Each sound has been carefully sampled direct to disk, and the CD ROM version was pre-looped on Infinity by Jupiter Systems.

Synthesizers on Legacy:

Arp (2600 & Odyssey)
Korg (Lambda, MS-20)
Moog (Mini, Taurus)
Oberheim (2 Voice, OB-8, OBXa)
Oxford OSCar
Sequential Circuits (ProOne, Prophet 5)
Roland (Juno 106, Jupiter 6 & 8, TB-303,
TR-808 & 909)
Linn (LM-1, Drum)
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You may buy Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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