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Unda Construction

UNDA Construction

These days you would be hard pressed to find a sample CD that contains samples which are comparable to what you hear in songs from the MTV Top 20 and one that also has a priced tag of less than $1000.00.

This is probably because the sample CDs that are usually sold, are nothing but the trims of tracks that a producer did not want. All the good samples went into making good productions like the no. 1 hits you hear today.

Another reason why many sample CDs sound so "trashy", is probably due to the fact that most of them are composed by 60-year-old retirees who have no idea what Hip Hop and R&B is about.

So how can you make hit singles if the samples you are using, are simply someone else’s rubbish?

Newise Records has the solution: UNDA CONSTRUCTION.

If you’re a producer that’s low on ideas or has producers block, there are enough samples in this CD to keep you going for months, even if you were producing five beats a day.

The samples on this CD are so unprecedented, you might be fooled into thinking they are cuts of current hits. In fact, the samples on this CD came out sounding so good, our producers had a hard time letting them go!

This sample CD contains small 4 to 16 bar riffs, which include drums, percussion, guitars, bass, pianos, keyboards, synths and ambient samples. All samples have labelled categories and BPMs.

These days, many sample CDs come in "construction kit" forms, which are basically one whole song, separated into parts. We say: "Where is the skill in that?" - Not to mention, the fun. Basically, if 100 producers bought a CD such as this, you can guarantee that 99 of the producer’s tracks would sound identical.

To avoid this dilemma, we have deliberately constructed this CD so none of the samples form a complete track. The samples in this CD are to be used more as ideas or as the basic foundation for a hit track. We are leaving the creative aspects to you! - As it should be; All you need is a little concept to work with! No two productions made from this sample CD will ever sound alike! - This means you don’t have to worry about royalty fees; it’s completely royalty free!

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy UNDA Construction or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 May, 2009.


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