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Electric Guitar Samples

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AAS Strum GS-2
Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2 v2.0.0 [PC / MAC Versions] Your new session guitarist Strum GS-2 is a plug-in for the production of guitar tracks. With a huge collection of acoustic and electric guitars.
Ample Metal Eclipse II
Ample Sound AME2 v2.2.0 [DVD] [PC / MAC] About AME2 Ample Metal Eclipse II aim to bring the ESP Eclipse I Guitar sound to your studio. System Requirements: 6 GB of free hard disk space. Windows XP or newer.
Evolution Hollowbody Blues
Product Details We are excited to present Evolution Hollowbody Blues, a faithful reproduction of a classic semi-hollow electric guitar. If you’re familiar with blues legends like B. B. King, Freddie King.
Indiginus Generation Electric Guitar
Our goal with Generation was to capture the sound and spirit of an American classic electric guitar. Equally at home in rock, funk, jazz, country, pop, and countless other styles, its versatility has been...
Indiginus Torch Electric Guitar
Torch features: Our StrumMaker strumming engine for creating realistic rhythm guitar parts. Choose from many preset chords or create your own! Special articulations for playing leads. The pickup switch...
Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Vintage
A SIX-STRING CLASSIC The unmistakable twang of an iconic six-string solid-body electric guitar Over 230 strummed and picked patterns, riffs, glissandos, tremolos, dead notes, and more Includes additional...
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Banshee [2 DVD]
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Banshee [2 DVD][Kontakt] Product Details Hailing from the fiery core of the earth comes the hottest virtual 8 string guitar library for metal and rock. Evolution Banshee covers...
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Infinity
Product Details A product of the '80s, this flashy red electric guitar emanates clean chorus tones and shredding leads that go on forever. Quite literally, in fact, as the guitar includes a sustainer...
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Rick 12
Product Details Evolution Rick 12 captures the iconic jangle of a 12-string electric guitar. We sampled a pristine vintage model, sporting a semi-hollow maple body, rosewood fretboard, and classic high-gain pickups.
Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVD]
Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVDs Set] Sensitive and powerful, the true sound of Gibson® Les PaulTM Custom includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 samples. Gibson's Les...
Prominy SC Electric Guitar [15 DVD]
Prominy SC Electric Guitar [15 DVD][Kontakt] The true sound of Fender® Stratocaster® includes Đ¢ver 64 Giga-bytes, approx. 123,000 samples.   SC Electric Guitar enables you to compose and...
Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar v1.11b
"Produces amazingly realistic guitar parts." "Very easy to learn how to execute fluid, real-time performances." "Fun to play!" "Sounds fan-bloody-tastic!" - Sound...
Prominy V-Metal v1.20b [2 DVD]
Prominy V-Metal v1.20b [2 DVD / Kontakt] Ultra Real-sounding / Dark-Powered Virtual Electric Guitar.   The true METAL sound of ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG®humbucker pickup includes over 19GB*, approx.
RealEight 4
RealEight 4Featured
RealEight is a sample-based 8-string electric guitar virtual instrument, ideal for lead and rhythm, and even bass tracks in rock & metal style compositions. Version 4.0 Performance modes: Solo, Harmony.
RealLPC 4
RealLPC 4Featured
MusicLab RealLPC 4 What's New in version 4. We are proud to present the RealLPC virtual guitar instrument bringing the incomparable Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio. Gibson's Les Paul Custom.
RealStrat 5
The Fender Stratocaster(R) is and has always been the most popular electric guitar since its creation in 1954. Its unique sound is the favorite of many of the world's finest guitarists and has been...
Renegade Electric Guitar
Indiginus Samples Renegade Electric Guitar [DVD / Kontakt] Renegade is an electric guitar sample library with an attitude. It can shimmer with detail when clean, but get dirty and powerful with the best of them.
Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst
Requires: KONTAKT version 5.7.1 or higher. CONTEMPORARY ELECTRIC GUITAR A perfectly captured, playable electric guitar Innovative realistic picking, riff, and strumming 154 patterns to suit a wide range...
Shreddage 2 IBZ
Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2 IBZ [DVD / Kontakt] Overview Prepare for an injection of liquid metal! Shreddage 2 IBZ features the ultra aggressive sound of a legendary 7-string heavy metal guitar paired...
Sonex Audio Electric Guitars
FEATURES Electric Guitars: Rickenbacker, Stratocaster and Telecaster. Nearly 20 GB of uncompressed sample content (compressed to 4.3GB) 1.947 Samples (Kontakt Lossless Sample Compression format) Dozens...
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle
Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE - Add Some Sugar to Your Tea! With its glamorous and catchy licks, Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE is your specialist for chords, octaves and single note riffs. From clean to crunchy.
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