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Insanity Samples New Orleans Brass

Insanity Samples New Orleans Brass

Product Overview

A Brass powerhouse. Specially designed to embody the charm and character of the New Orleans Brass Band sound. Equally great for injecting the funk into a record, as it is recreating that Jazz/Blues’ heartland sound. Use a multi-patch and arrive at something truly filmic too!

New Orleans Brass is a 5 instrument Brass library for the full version of Kontakt. The vision behind the instrument was to create a library that could explore fully the world of the New Orleans Brass Band, with that signature low-fi and raw sound, coupled with beautiful precision and multiple articulation choices.

Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required.

Multi Patches

The library is set up in a way to allow complete control by having each instrument within it’s own patch. However, for speed of writing or part doubling, there are also various ‘multi-patches’ which when loaded create a mix of the instruments. As follows:

  • ENSEMBLE - A full keyboard blend of all instruments able to be played all at once and captured onto 1 midi track.
  • 2 TRUMPETS - Both trumpet 1 & 2 playing together.
  • 2 TROMBONES - Both trombones 1 & 2 playing together.

You can of course load as many instances of these instruments as you like and create your own multi-patch to save for later use or templating.


1st Trumpet - 2nd Trumpet - 1st Trombone - 2nd Trombone - A Sousaphone

All instruments have their full comfortable range present, across the following articulations.

  • LONGS - A sustained note lasting 3 bars @ 120bpm with the exception of any reach notes that are physically unable to be sustained for that long. Each note has 3 velocity layers across 4 round robins. Trombone has a 4th additional velocity layer.
  • STACCATO - Short bursts on 3 velocity layers and across 4 round robins.
  • SFORZATO CRESCENDO - An initial stab followed by an immediate dip in volume, then quick crescendo.
  • CRESCENDO - A gradual build from very quiet to very loud.
  •  FALLS - A classic horn stab followed by an unmeasured fall in pitch
  • RISES / GRACE NOTES - A short rise of a semi-tone/tone, or glide in the case of Trombone.
  • FLUTTER - Trumpet only - A classic flutter tongue technique at a high velocity.
  • PERFORMANCE - This keyswitch turns the instruments into MONOPHONIC instruments, to give a legato effect. This combined with a strong attack in the higher velocities makes this a great patch for fast runs, or lyrical lead line phrasing.

All articulations are mapped in the following way:

  • LONGS - A0
  • FALLS - A#0
  • CRESC - D1
  • FLUTTER - D#1


For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Insanity Samples New Orleans Brass or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 September, 2019.


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