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Strezov Sampling Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir

Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir

Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir [Kontakt]

The only sample library range out there featuring a real authentic ethnic Bulgarian choir! A totally unique voice timbre, which comes with our brandnew revolutionary polyphonic true legato!


About Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Expansion A

After working more than a year on the orginal Rhodope version and the unique "Syllabuilder" engine, the most requested features for an expansion have been a) true legato and b) effects. Now with "Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir: Expansion A" Strezov Sampling delivers what users around the globe wanted to have and expands their famous Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir range with some truely revolutionary features.

Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Expansion A features three unique true legato singing styles, which are most commonly used in ethnic bulgarian choir singing. All three types are included within one patch allowing the user to switch between different legato types on the fly using different velocity values and the sustain pedal. But wait, this doesn't mean that you are limited to one legato style at a time! Due to our Overlapping notes script it is possible to overlap different legato transitions within one performance and if writing whole polyphonic arrangements is your goal you can easily do that just using the same patch. The special polyphonic legato script developed with the special needs of this unique singing style in mind makes writing choral arrangements easier than ever before.


  • the voices of the award-winning choir "Cosmic Voices", conducted by Vanya Moneva
  • range of D3-E5 (C4 = middle C)
  • three sets of unique true legato intervals for the most common vowel "Eh", very typical for the Bulgarian singing
  • two dynamic layers - p and f
  • effects like shouts, risers and falls integrated in the main patch, allowing you to quickly create both melodies and effects!
  • three singing types: normal, slightly ornamented (high velocity) and 'tresene' (shake, controlled by sustain pedal, CC#64)
  • Polyphonic true legato
  • The ability to overlap different singing types (have a buzzing drone with Type 3 singing, while you play melodies from type 1 and 2 on top).
  • last but not least - the unique timbre of Ethnic Bulgarian singers

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 April, 2016.


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